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Carpet, floor covering and window cleaning

Maintaining clean and plush carpets and floor coverings can be a real struggle. Carpets tend to absorb allergens, dirt, dust and funky odours. No matter how hard you try to keep them clean they always end up getting grubby. We are the experts in carpet cleaning. We use the most advanced carpet cleaning systems, equipment and solutions. Our machines provide unrivalled water cleaning power and deep-down suction to remove dust and dirt which revives the carpet appearance.

We know that there are different types of carpet and that each one demands different treatment. Luckily, we are equipped with the necessary tools to provide all the various methods of cleaning. In order to determine the proper method, the team must first recognise the type of fabric on the carpet, as they react differently to different methods. Luckily, our team has a very high success rate, always accurately choosing the correct method, and being able to clean stains that many other teams have tried and failed.

Windows are the gateway of your rooms to the outside world. A clean window allows more light inside which gives an impression of a larger room. At Zora Cleaning we understand that maintaining your windows can be a challenging task. We give you top-notch window cleaning services to keep your windows clean and streak-free. Our staff is fully experienced, having performed countless window cleaning jobs before. Equipped with safety harnesses, modern equipment, and discernible uniforms, our cleaning staff performs window jobs in a safe and effective way.