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Staff and Training

Zora Cleaning Services Australia believes that high standard of cleanliness is best maintained by well-trained staff with clear systems and processes to follow, and a commitment to excellence. Our Staff and Training Policies reflect that belief.

Our staff have years and some decades of experience in the Cleaning industry. We only employ professional cleaners, no short-term workers. Zora Cleaning Services Australia provides staff with promotion opportunities and ongoing training and development. We invest in training and our staff is fully aware and understands the expectations for every job.

As staff is promoted, new responsibilities arise and we put extra resources and training needed for them to perform their new duties. From new machinery, processes management training and other development programs, we ensure that our staff have confidence in their ability to perform their work. Every job site is different and poses new challenges. We have systems and checklists in place which ensure that tasks and processes are clearly indicated and performed to standard.